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Alexis Cox & Scott Pugh — Minted

Alexis Cox


Scott Pugh

Wedding Party

Mary Carolyn Watson


Friend from William and Mary and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sister.  Mother to Alexis' amazing goddaughter, Charlotte.  She and Alexis met in 1995 during sorority rush when they kept getting called back to the same sororities.  They developed an instant bond, mostly over their shared discomfort with making small talk during rush.  They quickly realized they had far more in common, like a love for reading, tennis, art history, college basketball, and all things British. 

Tiffany Coe


Friend from William and Mary and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sister.  Master at sending heartfelt, handwritten notes when you need them most.  Alexis and Tiffany share a mutual love for interior design, reading, sipping tea, and doing puzzles.

Liz Speck


Friend from William and Mary and Alexis' partner-in-crime in northern Virginia for most concerts, theater shows, restaurant outings, long walks, movies, book talks, yoga classes, and baseball games.  She has been an incredible support system over the years and will be one of the things Alexis misses most when she moves away from Alexandria.  

Elizabeth Farabaugh


Elizabeth went to William and Mary but it wasn't until after graduation that she and Alexis became close.  Hanging out in the same circle of friends in northern Virginia, they had an instant connection and immediately felt like old friends.  Alexis only wishes they met many years earlier!  Elizabeth named her daughter after Alexis so she automatically gets a first class ticket to bridesmaid status -- and anything else she wants!

Paul Hutchings


Scott's cousin but more of an older brother figure since they were young boys. Fishing, hunting, and BBQ partner. Time or distance has never mattered as they remain close to this day. Many adventures have been shared over the years, whether chasing trout out west or bird hunting closer to home.

Greg Cota


Fellow 3rd floor Yates Hall resident freshman year at William and Mary and Scott's roommate for several years in college. Greg remains a close friend and has shared in many cheers and tears at Tribe sports events. Greg is the father of two wonderful daughters, Abby and Ellie, and married to a patient fellow Red Sox fan, Liz.

Marc Garner


Scott and Marc have been friends since junior year at William and Mary and have spent the years since college on the quest for the perfect music concert. Marc remains a close friend and music advisor with the ability to find the most obscure indie band on planet Earth. Marc is the father to two amazing sons, Brayden and Noah, and married to a longtime friend and very outnumbered mother, Meghan.

Pat Rooney


Fellow 3rd floor Yates Hall resident freshman year at William and Mary and Scott's long-time running partner. Pat and Scott have shivered and sweat at many running races through the years with the knowledge that there is always beer at the end of the race. Pat is the father of two fantastic daughters, Ella and Claire, who have tolerated Scott for many years. Pat is married to Jane, a fellow Yates freshman dorm-mate and longtime friend of Alexis and Scott.

Roscoe Pugh

Honorary Groomsman / Best Dog

Scott and Alexis' quirky but lovable two-year-old Llewellyn English Setter.  Roscoe loves long walks, playing chase, perfecting his downward dog, belly rubs, playing ball, leisurely naps, and scaring away squirrels.  He won't be attending the wedding since he still has a lot of wiggly puppy energy in him but he will certainly be with us in spirit.